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Please see our membership application on the forms page for more details on annual dues and for definitions of membership classes.Membership in the Alaska Rural Water Association is open to Alaska water and wastewater utilities, as well as companies and individuals that support and/or promote the purposes of the Association. Membership dues help provide better quality services to water systems in the state. IT PAYS TO BE AN ARWA MEMBER!!!


  • Onsite technical assistance providing one-on-one solutions.
  • Onsite assistance of leak detection and line location equipment.
  • Low cost back flow testing.
  • Assistance with vulnerability assessments and emergency response plans.
  • Well head protection planning.
  • Educational outreach and training opportunities.
  • Onsite wastewater training and technical assistance.
  • Limited free Consumer Confidence Reports (advanced scheduling is required and this is on a first-come, first-serve basis).
  • Free assistance with sanitary surveys for USDA funding eligible systems (advanced scheduling is required on a first-come, first-serve basis); fee-based assistance for non-USDA funding eligible systems (advanced scheduling also required and subject to staff availability).
  • Discounted registration fees for ARWA’s Annual Technical Training Conference, and other fee-based training.
  • Vendor Members receive discounted vendor booth space at the ARWA Technical Training Conference.
  • Quality training statewide for certification hours on both water and wastewater need-to-know subjects.
  • Fleet Vehicle Purchase Program.
  • Free classified advertising.
  • Discounted Dell purchasing.
  • Free subscription to ARWA’s monthly electronic newsletter – Northern Lights News.
  • Free subscription to ARWA’s quarterly magazine – The Last Frontier News.
  • Membership will support ARWA, along with other state Rural Water Associations across the country, to represent the legislative interests of small water and wastewater utilities in Washington, DC.

One of the most important benefits of joining ARWA is that you help support our efforts as we provide technical assistance for water and wastewater systems throughout rural Alaska, coordinate community-based programs to protect watersheds through non-regulatory grass roots planning, spearhead initiatives to assist water systems to remain in or return to compliance, and develop a collective representation of the needs and interests of small and rural utilities across our state.

Join today. You’ll be glad you did!